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My house tracks of the week 16

We go straight to the doctor office with Dr Erick Morillo and Dr Jamie Jones Featuring Gene Farris serving a good dose of Medication

{% spotify 1DBvGrfyTK834XHgbLZIUw %}

Moving on with a track by Rumore called Gotta Have It - Fresh 2 Mix

{% spotify 5kpT3AApsOZvAywixuS3yH %}

Coming from left field, Andreas Henneberg drops a phat beat and rhymes away on Password Invalid

{% spotify 76UWRD9HRIjqhzoslmDsRi %}

Deep house track from Sabb, SIS Down Under - Original Mix

{% spotify }7JHfnH8BJKDh5GFTniEr0V %}

Going deep with Clarian tracks remixed by Tim Engelhardt Television Days

{% spotify 5x88oDLGIIdaY48G2kXc5t %}

Another deep track this time from Cubik called On Islands - Original Mix

{% spotify 251vKvj1JiA9QtF7CvkB0F %}