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My house tracks of the week 14

My first pick of the week is soulful god Mr Robert Owens with Misty - feat Robert Owens - Hammer and Tongs Version

{% spotify 16W8L9rToPmA6zoRGMH5IK %}

Going deep with Mr Davide Squillace with In The Mood For Love - Original Mix

{% spotify 7lt6WPaswwUO0JCYUe0FxS %}

Second track Dole & Kom with Phara Oh

{% spotify 5TrkFfJgrGa1PdAkJO5QAs %}

Next comes this rework of the Pink Panther from PAWSA the Groovy Cat Extended Remix

{% spotify 1T4SOyIghsWjNjeQ5C3Amf %}

Looping through hard and up beat with Stanny Abram My home

{% spotify 0u8fH6mG7BfxtFLEoolTM1 %}

Ending with this classic track from Mr Finger and Mr Robert Owens Can you feel it (Alternate Mix)

{% spotify 0XRLJelccHnnJ5scCab6GR %}